Container tanks

Mobile fuel station
​Fuel storage system (container tank) for gasoline, diesel and other fuel storage and dispensation. Container tank consists of stell tank and technological room with fuel dispenser (minimum flow-rate - 40 l/min). All equipment is protected with lockable shutter.

Container tanks are used for various vehicles and mobile tanks filling with fuel. Container tanks are calibrated and has fuel level gauge. Metrological revision of piping and other equipment is done by professionals. Container tank has ventilation, mechanical totalizer and ladders to reach the manhole. It is painted in white color.

Container tank is filled with fuel by tankers. This system can be maintained by one operator.

Container tank is designed to be durabile and tight, so during the transportation it is stable.

Steel tank is double walled and has overfill prevention valve, ventilation and pressure relief valve.

NSN code
According to national defense system used NATO codification requirements for mobile fuel station (product identification code - MOBILE FUEL STATION / KD10-112) there is a given code NSN 4930-47-000-3366.