Cash register for fuel stations BRIO ACTIVe POS OIL AUMONDA with fiscal module Fis-FM32

ACTIVe POS OIL AUMONDA – is a new generation of intelligent cash register system designed to sell goods and petroleum products in the retail trade. This computerized cashier works together with "Rivile" accounting program.

Maximum simplicity
Using interactive technology, a touch-sensitive screen allows you to easily and quickly enter data, intuitively perform the sales process.


  • The receipt is formed quickly.
  • Easy to understand user interface.
  • Does not require complex personnel training.
  • Autonomous mode - operation of the system is independent of the connection quality and other conditions.
  • Can work with many external devices.
  • Centralized accounting.
  • Can trade mobile operators recharge codes.
  • Direct communication with the banks.
  • Invoice formation and printing.
  • Interface with various fuel dispensers.
  • The ability to work simultaneously with two of this type cash registers.
  • The ability to work at the same time with self-service cash register.
  • The ability to service the customer credit and discount cards, even in the absence of communication with the main server.

ACTIVe POS OIL AUMONDA system will improve sales and give additional benefits to the company.

Main modes:

  • Mode „Full tank“. Automatic mode (arrived, refueled the tank, paid).
  • Mode „Reservation“. The operator has to authorize the fuel dispensation for the amount of money or number of liters. The customer pays the amount of money that he wants to fuel up and receives the order receipt. Upon completion of refueling, the customer receives a fiscal cash register receipt.
  • Mode „Delayed“. After refueling it is possible to immediately start the next refueling operation - no need to wait until the first refueling will be paid. Each dispenser can have up to 4 refueling operations.
  • Product upload to the receipt takes place on a single screen - this allows fast and convenient customer service.
  • A wide choice of payment types.
  • The ability to use a variety of companies and bank cards.
  • Discount cards.
  • Interface with the bank card payment terminal.
  • Payment division. The ability to split the fuel amount into a several receipts and pay for each receipt in various payment methods.
  • Returning the goods.
  • All statements in accordance with Lithuanian legislation.
  • The interface with the fuel level gauges in the tank.