Plastic tanks

Thermoplastic tanks are used for ground storage of diesel, kerosene and heating oil. Plastic oil containers are manufactured in a rotational method, characterized by high strength and durability. The rotational method uses heat in a closed mould to melt the plastic. Unlike other plastic processing methods, it does not involve pressure, so all manufactured products are without internal tension and less likely to crack during use.

Fuel tanks are made in accordance with EN 13341 standard.

Fuel tanks are mounted in accordance with:
- Lithuanian Minister of the Environment Order Nr. D1-434 (2006-09-29) (Žin., 2006, Nr. 107-4064)
- Lithuanian Minister of the Energetics Order Nr. 1-37 (2009-04-16) (Žin., 2009, Nr. 45-1766) 

1350 l. tank

Dimensions (L x W x H): 2680 x 870 x 1665 mm

1400 l. tank

Dimensions (D x H): 1585 x 1740 mm.

2500 l. tank

Dimensions (L x W x H): 2840 x 1520 x 1630 mm

3500 l. tank

Dimensions (D x H): 2034 x 2520 mm

6000 l. tank

Dimensions (D x H): 2580 x 2610 mm

10 000 l. tank

Dimensions (D x H): 2890 x 2600 mm

Fuel tank color: black or dark green.


  • 2” BSP Fill Connection with cap and chain
  • Vent
  • Electronic Level Gauge
  • Submersible pump – approximately 60lpm
  • Digital flowmeter
  • 6 m. of delivery hose and automatic shut off nozzle
  • 10 micron filtration
  • Key Switch – to operate the pump
  • Nozzle holster
  • Bund and Overfill alarm with warning light
  • Overfill prevention valve
  • Lockable Cabinet

You can also choose Automatic Control System AVS-D, in such a case the module is mounted inside the lockable cabinet.